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Contact Lens Services

The Cizik Eye Clinic provides an entire range of contact lens fitting and care services to meet your vision needs.

Contact lenses are commonly used to correct myopia, or difficulties seeing objects at a distance, and hyperopia, or difficulty seeing objects up close. In addition to fitting lenses for healthy eyes, the specialists in our contact lens clinic also are trained to fit patients with eye problems that require special lenses as treatment.

In addition to featuring the latest technology for exams and diagnostics, the Cizik Eye Clinic features the most recent advancements in contact lens technology, including soft, rigid gas permeable, scleral, and multifocal lenses. Trial lenses are available for fittings.

For patients who have been wearing contacts for years, remember to schedule an annual eye exam to make sure your prescription is still current and that you haven’t had any other changes to your vision. New patients should bring a photo of their existing contact packaging so that your ophthalmologist can obtain the brand and prescription information.

If you already have your contact lens prescription and want your contact lenses shipped to your home, you can use the link to our secure portal to order your contact lenses online.

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