Cizik Eye Clinic Patient Portal

Your New, Enhanced Online Health Connection

We’ve launched a new, totally secure, enhanced patient portal at the Robert Cizik Eye Clinic called MyUTHealth. This portal will allow you to see your medications, test results, upcoming appointments, and much more, even if you are also a patient at other health care organizations. Your health information will go where you go.

With MyUTHealth, you will be able to:

Connect With a Doctor, No Matter Where You Are

Send a message, get online diagnosis and treatments, talk with an expert face-to-face over video, or arrange a follow-up visit, depending on your provider and based on the level of care you need.

Simplify Care For the Entire Family

No matter if you have a small or large family, you will be able to access everyone’s health information and conveniently manage care for all your family members with just one login.

Access MyUTHealth »