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Pediatric Eye Exam 2The Moran Pediatric Eye Clinic offers a wide range of medical testing and treatments for patients who are children. Our clinic includes dozens of exam areas, multiple operating rooms, and laser suites equipped with highly sophisticated equipment for patient care. Our mission is to improve the lives of our patients through the delivery of exceptional, personalized, and compassionate care.

People travel from across the country and the world for treatment at the Moran Pediatric Eye Clinic, in part because our affiliation with McGovern Medical School at UTHealth Houston provides unmatched resources and expertise. We have highly trained physicians who provide treatment for routine and complex diseases of the eye. Depending on your child’s specific needs, our multidisciplinary team of physicians can leverage the strengths of this group of subspecialists to determine the best care plan for your child. And our friendly staff works diligently to make your visit pleasant and efficient, as we maximize patient flow through everything from routine eye exams to the most advanced eye surgeries.

Our physicians are faculty members at McGovern Medical School, and are board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology. At the Cizik Eye Clinic, we understand that the eye is a small part of a whole patient who deserves top-notch, comprehensive care in a cutting-edge facility.

We want to provide you with information to make your time with us more comfortable, and to let you know this appointment may be different in several ways from other clinical offices. 

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A complete pediatric ophthalmic evaluation can require in-clinic testing, a thorough review of medical records and patient interview, followed by a comprehensive eye exam. New patients can expect their visit to take 2 hours or longer, especially with specialized testing or have complex eye disease.

  • All new patients will have a complete eye exam, including eye dilation with eye drops. Dilation takes 30-45 minutes to be effective. After the exam, the pupils will remain dilated for several hours. This may cause mild blurring of near vision and increased sensitivity to sunlight. You may bring sunglasses for your child to wear during this time.
  • If your child has a complex eye issue, the pediatric ophthalmologist may refer you to an even further specialized eye doctor such as a retina, cornea, or glaucoma specialist.

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To ask us a question, schedule an appointment, or learn more about us, please call (713) 486-9400, or click below to send us a message. In the event of an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room.

The pediatric clinic is located at 6400 Fannin Street, Suite 1980 in Houston, Texas.

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