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What is Exotropia?

This common strabismus, or eye misalignment, is characterized by an outward turning of one or both eyes. It is the opposite of esotropia, or when eyes are crossed. It often appears in early childhood, and may even resolve in the first few months of life. It is usually more apparent when a child is tired, sick, daydreaming, or focused on a distant object.

Causes of Exotropia

There are no known causes of exotropia, but the condition may be associated with poor vision in one eye or third cranial nerve palsy. When there is a family history of strabismus, patients should be seen by a pediatric ophthalmologist.

Symptoms of Exotropia

While a child’s brain usually has the ability to turn off the images from the wandering eye, patients may experience poor vision or depth perception issues. Other symptoms include light sensitivity and the outward deviation of one eye. Patients may experience eyestrain, headaches, reading problems, and blurry vision.

Diagnosis of Exotropia

Your ophthalmologist will review your family and medical history, and conduct a vision test and motor sensory exam, including an ocular alignment test. A slit-lam exam, refraction test and retina exam may also be conducted.

Treatment of Exotropia

In some cases, a child’s exotropia may be monitored without treatment. Surgery may be needed to straighten or realign the eye muscles to correct vision and prevent vision loss. Surgery is typically an outpatient surgery with quick recovery. Glasses, exercises, or prisms are sometimes prescribed to control the outward turning eye in some children.

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