Low Vision Grants

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Low Vision Grants

SightFirst Grant: “Harris County Low Vision Project”

The Center for Visual Rehabilitation, Robert Cizik Eye Clinic, was privileged to be the recipient of the 2014 Sightfirst Grant for the “Harris County Low Vision Project”. The project is aimed at increasing awareness by providing education and addressing barriers to accessing comprehensive low vision care. Low Vision Education day, creation of a “Loaner library” of commonly used low vision aides, group educational programs, monthly support groups, training the trainer are some of the mechanisms used to improve awareness of low vision services amongst the general public and the visually impaired population. The grant of $164,645 is the first and largest such grant for Texas from the SightFirst program.

Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF)

LCIF is well known for its work with vision and blindness. Visit the SightFirst website has several programs designed to help create sustainable and comprehensive eye care systems and improving low vision services in underserved communities is one of their outreach programs.

Houston Delta Gamma Grant

Orientation and mobility training helps individuals with mobility: walking, stepping off curbs, stairs, learning to safely cross streets, use a blind cane, take the bus/train, mobility in a crowded environment etc. We are proud to receive the Houston Delta Gamma grant for orientation and mobility training.