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Ocular Oncology

Ocular Oncology is a subspeciality of ophthalmology that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of both benign and cancerous tumors in the eye and surrounding tissue.

Our Cizik Eye Clinic doctors are experts in providing comprehensive care to treat cancer that develops in or near the eye, while working diligently to preserve a patient’s sight. Our ocular oncology team works closely with specialists from other areas to provide a full spectrum of care, including radiologists, neurosurgeons, and oculoplastic surgeons for reconstructive surgery.

Among the conditions we treat are choroidal melanoma, conjunctival tumors, orbital tumors, retina tumors, eyelid tumors, and skin cancer that develops in the eye.

Eye cancer is rare, especially in children and senior citizens. The average age of diagnosis is 55. Symptoms that patients should watch for include dark patches, bulges, lumps, and pain in the eye area. Shadows, light flashes, blurred vision, vision loss, or wiggly lines in vision are other symptoms to be aware of.

Our advanced diagnostic resources, including MRIs, PET scans and computed tomography, allow us to detect cancer near the eye as early as possible to allow the best outcome. We also use fluorescein angiography and fundus photography to obtain detailed photos of parts of the eye.

Depending on your specific case, your doctor may recommend chemotherapy, cryotherapy, radiation therapy, laser therapy, or a surgery to remove the eye. Your doctor will discuss the best treatment and recovery plan for you.

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