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Pediatric Amblyopia

What is Pediatric Amblyopia?

Amblyopia, or lazy eye, is a common pediatric condition diagnosed in about 3% of children. It occurs when vision in one eye does not develop the way it should. The brain has created stronger pathways to one eye, causing the weaker eye to begin to wander either inward or outward. Early treatment is critical and can include glasses, contacts, surgery, eye drops, or eye patch therapy.

What causes Pediatric Amblyopia?

Children who are diagnosed with a lazy eye may have eyes that are misaligned, refractive errors, or another structural issue. This condition, which typically becomes evident in infancy or early childhood, is more common in children born prematurely or with a family history of amblyopia.

What are the Symptoms of Pediatric Amblyopia?

The weaker eye may wander inward or outward. Children may squint, tilt their heads, or cover an eye to try to see better. Vision in the strong eye is usually excellent, resulting in subtle symptoms, and a diagnosis is more likely to occur during a routine screening.

How will Pediatric Amblyopia be Diagnosed?

With younger children, the pediatrician uses a lighted magnifying device to look for issues, and a routine exam can test a child’s ability to fix their gaze and follow moving objects. If there is an issue, a pediatric ophthalmologist will test whether there is a vision difference between the two eyes

What is the Best Treatment of Pediatric Amblyopia?

For best results, treatment should begin prior to age 7, but older children still benefit. Your doctor will discuss whether glasses, contact lenses, or an eye patch might benefit your child. A special filter may be used to blur the vision through eye glasses of the stronger eye. Eyedrops can also be used to blur vision in the stronger eye.

Proper treatment can typically improve the vision in just a few months. Regular eye exams are critical, though, as 25% of children experience a reoccurrence.

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The Cizik Eye Clinic opened in 2007 and is housed in Memorial Hermann Plaza at 6400 Fannin Street. It includes dozens of exam areas, multiple operating rooms, and laser suites equipped with the most sophisticated equipment available for patient care.

People travel from across the country and the world for treatment at the Cizik Eye Clinic, in part because our affiliation with the McGovern Medical School at UTHealth provides unmatched resources and expertise. Our friendly staff works diligently to make your visit pleasant and efficient, as we maximize patient flow through everything from routine eye exams to the most advanced eye surgeries.

Our physicians are faculty members at McGovern Medical School and are board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology or are board eligible. At the Cizik Eye Clinic, we understand that the eye is a small part of a whole patient who deserves top-notch, comprehensive care in a cutting-edge facility.

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