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Low Vision Driving Program

Low-Vision-Driving-SimulatorConcerns about driving with low vision can be addressed through the Cizik Eye Clinic’s driving program, which is designed to assess road readiness, identify risks, and train qualified individuals to return to driving. Not everyone is a good candidate for the driving program. The standards set by the State for visual acuity and visual field must be met to drive on the road.

Our STISIM Driving Simulator provides a low-risk environment to assess and train for visual skills required to drive safely. It helps low-vision patients understand their risk for crashes and helps determine whether you have the visual skills needed to drive safely. While it simulates various driving conditions, it does not replace a road assessment. We strongly recommend on-the-road training upon completion of the clinical training. The Department of Motor Vehicles is the final deciding authority on licensing.

We provide driving assessments and training in a low-risk environment using our STISIM Driving Simulator.

In addition, individuals with mild to moderate central vision loss that are not able to drive due to their vision loss may be candidates for driving with a bioptic telescope. These are miniature telescopes mounted above the line of sight that allow drivers to spot road and traffic signs. Several models of bioptic telescopes are available as monocular or binoculars for use while driving and your doctor will determine that at the time of evaluation. Learning to drive with a bioptic telescope requires practice and patience.

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Dan Arnold Center for Vision Rehabilitation

Are you one of the thousands of people with low vision as a result of macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes or stroke? Have you given up reading or stopped driving because of vision loss? Our Center for Vision Rehabilitation is here is to help.

We offer one of the most comprehensive vision rehabilitation programs in the country thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, expert staff and wonderful learning facilities, including adaptive computer training and a full kitchen. We even provide home visits to ensure safety and successful integration of the recommended low vision adaptations.