Occupational Therapy Services for Low Vision

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Occupational Therapy Services for Low Vision

Low-Vision-Rehab-KitchenPatients struggling with low vision due to glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other conditions often need help figuring out how to complete their daily tasks. Our expert occupational therapists at the Cizik Eye Clinic help patients maximize functional independence and maintain quality of life. Our priorities are preventing accidents, teaching new skills, and modifying tasks so that you can continue with a full, enjoyable life.

Our occupational therapists will work with you both at the clinic and at your home to develop strategies and determine adaptive equipment that will make your life safer and easier to navigate. In your home, for example, an occupational therapist might help you place furniture in comfortable, well-lit traffic patterns with minimal cords and rugs to avoid falls. They might help you figure out clear, convenient ways to store your medication to avoid any confusion.

They will work with you on reading, dressing, shopping, cooking, and community mobility skills. They will help with computer and cell phone adaptations.

Our occupational therapists will train you to use the residual vision and low vision devices that your doctor recommended. Strategy training may include scanning, glare management, and preferred retinal locus to find the areas of your vision that allow you to see the best. The sessions will provide valuable insight that will help you overcome challenges presented by low vision.

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Dan Arnold Center for Vision Rehabilitation

Are you one of the thousands of people with low vision as a result of macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes or stroke? Have you given up reading or stopped driving because of vision loss? Our Center for Vision Rehabilitation is here is to help.

We offer one of the most comprehensive vision rehabilitation programs in the country thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, expert staff and wonderful learning facilities, including adaptive computer training and a full kitchen. We even provide home visits to ensure safety and successful integration of the recommended low vision adaptations.